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Yoga - Creating Comfortable Bodies, Hearts and Minds
Author: Unknown

At the end of a busy day filled with the stresses that seem to be part and parcel of my daily routine and that of my contemporaries, traffic is at a crawl all around me. As I look at the familiar rows of red brake lights, I feel like getting into bed and burying my head in my pillow. It dawns on me that tonight is my "yoga night," a time I have carved out of my precious schedule just for me. Well, I still want to go home, but a wise voice from within begins urging me on. You see, this happens nearly every time I leave work on yoga night. I feel so spent but I realize that going home will not change this, never has, and going to my yoga class will renew me. Usually in the first few moments when I've taken off my shoes and lay back on my mat before class, I can feel myself letting go of the things that had seemed so urgent and were weighing me down. I disconnect my shoulders from my ear lobes and begin to follow my breath. I connect with the part of me who can admit that most of what is difficult in my life is really only drama I have created in my head. After class, the drive home is different. I notice the trees, the silly drivers don't really bother me now and though I have plenty yet to do tonight, tomorrow and so forth I can feel that time is stretched out in all directions. It is true that sometimes days are long, doing yoga helps me savor mine more as I realize that a life is also rather short.

What to expect from yoga:

  • Improved physical toning and strengthening

  • Increased physical and mental relaxation

  • Decreased discomfort i.e. less back pain, headaches, insomnia

  • Increased concentration

  • More vitality and an increasingly positive outlook

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