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Detoxifing and Slimming Therapies
Body Wrap Warm Herbal Body Wrap
  Whether you are looking to detoxify or contour your body, this warm herbal body wrap envelopes you in delight. Lose inches without the workout! (For optimal results, increase water intake; a healthy diet and exercise is strongly recommended).
$100 (1 ½ hours)
Body Polish/ Scrub
  Exfoliate your entire body, and invigorate all at the same time.
$50 (45 minutes)
Swedish Shampoo
  This is just a lazy shower. Lie back and let our therapists do all the work.
$35 (40 minutes)
Contrast Bathing
  Bathing the feet in alternating hot and cold water with aromatherapuetic oils, takes foot care to the next level.
$25 (30 minutes)
Paraffin Bath
  To soothe and moisturize sore hands or feet, try a dip in our paraffin bath.
$10 (15 minutes)

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