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Our Exotic Indulgences are designed for people willing to venture out of the ordinary, and step into the realm of …Indulgence!!
Utopia Treatment
  Soak in our warm hydrobath, with whey and milk. A milk and honey massage, followed by a coconut infused sheet wrap and a face massage with jasmine oils will transport you to paradise.
$150 (3 hours)
Soak in our warm hydrobath, with whey and milk.
Ayurvedic Revitaliaer
  Start with a body polish to bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin, followed by an aromatherapeutic massage to help release energy blockages in the mind.
$150 (3 hours)
  A meditative treatment distinguished by streaming aromatic blends of oils onto your brow point - the point of meditation in Eastern practices. Travel to far lands without leaving the city!
$40 (1 hour)
Ayurvedic Foot Therapy
  Soak your feet in rosemary and ginger to invigorate. A full body massage with ghee and Ayurvedic flours, completes this energizing and refreshing treatment.
$70 (1 hour)
Ayurvedic Bliss
  Experience therapy styled for your dosha or constitution. The choice of essential oils from the hydrobath to the table. Bringing you to a new level of balance, then experience rose and sandalwood for whole body cleansing. For extra effect, stream warm sesame oil over the brow to balance the brain waves.
$195 (2 hours)
Ayurvedic Head Massage
  If you suffer from headaches or eyestrain, this is the treatment for you. This massage relaxes the muscles in the scalp and stimulates hair follicles. Warmed herbal coconut oil, infused with essential oils is applied to the scalp to promote hair growth and give hair a healthy shine.
$60 (25 minutes)
Two Person Abhyanga
  With warm sesame oil, four hands act as one, producing a synopatic cocoon. Emerge from your treatment to a new world.
$140 (45 minutes)

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